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Betsson AB is a Swedish company that offers a number of online gambling products, such as casino, poker, bingo, sports betting and scratch cards through more than 20 online gaming brands including Betsson, Betsafe and NordicBet. Betsson AB is listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm Large Cap List. Betsafe is an online casino and bookmaker owned by the large, reputable Swedish company, Betsson Group, and has become a recognisable and exciting brand in its own right.

An upset customer mentioned, "I made deposit of $200 via transfer to betsafe account. After a few wining my balance became $579. I was able to withdraw $400 via muchbetter, for the remaining $179 I had two options :

1) bank wire for $59.87

2) etransfer for for full amount of $179.74

After contacting their support I got told etransfer withdrawl are unavailable. and got told I able to withdrawl $59.87 as a bank wire..

I dont want bank wire because it cost me $30 banking charges as a matter affect how am I going to withdraw renaming funds?

I want them to allow me to withdraw fund via muchbetter and I want them to allow me to withdrawal my full funding..

I don't think it is fair of them to hold my funds and not allow me to withdraw."


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customer says

"Worst damn casino I've ever played!! Tighter slots anywhere!! DO NOT PLAY HERE!"

Keıth Hassall says

"The worst site of any description cannot contact them have tried via email and the customer centre which will keep you holding for hours. I am seriously concern they have closed the account and stolen the money. If you have an account with betsafe close it is my advise. So I got through to them and now must wait 3 weeks for a money transfer that should take 3 days"

Pip Brimson says

"Same story as everyone else. They took $2k off of me after I cleared their sh1tty bonus. They cited something that days I can't bet more than $8 a bet or something so they just ripped it away. Avoid!!!"

Radek says

"Bonus last 30 days - after that- they steal all the money which you gathered on your bonus account. For example - they give you 25e bonus, and if you gather there 1000e - they will steal your 1000e after 30 days."

Yuri Abramovich says

"They are quick to take your money but when you want to collect /get a transfer of the money due they make problems to the point that I suspected they just want to unduly keep my money. I do not recommend using their app."

jeroen says

"they use a bonus that only give them as company a big advantage! it is pure corruption, by a bonus you think; it is a nice advantage for you as player, but it is sideways. most people than dont read what it is all about and pick the bonus, instead of no bonus. if you put like 200 euro on your account and choose the bonus, than it is 200-100. you get 100 bonus for casino and the other 100 they stole from you, you can only use it for casino play. you cant even withdraw your own 100 euro as with everything you maybe win with the casino. so you have 200 euro for casino play which you cant withdraw , you can only play with it. so me and almost everyone lost already quikly 100 euro + the 100 bonus. i stop with gamble forever , you only lose with it and it you as human frustrated, because it is always going in that last minutes of the game wrong! and besides when you keep gambling and gambling over a long period of time the change gets bigger and bigger you lose everything you had."

Florin Benea says

"Complete useless betting house.Stay away from this company.Is the first time when I play on a betting house that have cash out but is not working.I place a lots of bet and without odds suspended cash out is not working.And no bonus offer for sports.Stay away and use your money somewhere else."

Cendant says

"I have deposited and withdrawn several times, but after a fairly big win last week they are just being utterly difficult! Asking me to re-verify my account. I have sent them several documents but nothing is enough and they keep reclining my withdrawls with no good explanation. One time they asked me to send them a 30 day statement from my bank (fairly intrusive) and then after that they demand something else and still reject the verification. Feels like a scam! So easy to add funds but impossible to withdraw."

JUNE says

"Misleading promotions, free bet doesn't arrive. Highly questionable information in their free bet terms. Then they limit your bets down to £1 so you can't spend the balance. AVOID these crooks!!! "BETSAFE" nothing safe about it. Worst bookies I have ever signed up to"

David Pickles says

"Support just stop communicating as soon as you raise an issue. Have been chasing a bonus owed over the course of several emails, live chats and they as you for loads of unnecessary information and then just ghost you...."

Elvis says

"Don't waste your time with this organisation. I won 400 pounds and can't withdraw them. They block my account!!!"

dean reece says

"literal scam. deposited 20 pound which they immediatlley locked into my account and wouldnt let me play with it or withdraw it!?!?! ABSOLUTE JOKE"

Peter Dennis says

"Absolutely disgraceful scammers, free bets don't materialize, support is a complete waste of time. KEEP AWAY!"

Cash says

"At the beginning I got up to over $200, tried to withdraw and their crap site would only let me withdraw $30, tried to withdraw that, but their crap site wouldn't let me withdraw that, played and lost everything with 30/40 straight losing spins of a few different games, then deposit after deposits of zero payouts, no scatters, after all that, I decided to check online and found 98% of Player's posted bad reviews, now that would explain the crap on this Casino, so excluded for 6 months. Not sure when my time is up, if I will return, but read what everyone has to say about this Casino."

neil buttle says

"Was told didn’t need to send any paperwork When spoke to customer services to verify account. Had a couple of good wins then asked for it. Took days to verify documents. Ended up playing with some of winnings and losing some. Definitely intentional on their part. Poor customer service"

Brent Plante says

"Go ahead deposit your money. You won't get the bonus promised or free spins promised. False advertising . Scammers. I contacted their support and nope ' we can't do anything until you make more deposits. That's a scam if I've ever heard of one. Their support team , chat line people or computers is useless . Don't waste your money on this site"

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